Maritime Purgatory

by Gutless Wonder

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released December 2, 2014

James - Drums
Calvin - Bass
Micah - Vocals/Guitars/Keys



all rights reserved


Gutless Wonder Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Waterford
You've got me so pinned and tied
I'm a motivational speaker with too much pride.
There's not a lot here to hide
there's a history that lives, it'll never die.

Challenge: the day that lays ahead.
My thoughts have cut me down to stem
to expose vulnerable passions
in a non faltering fashion.

You've got me so damn inspired,
I'm a pusher now so let me stretch and stride.
There's not a lot here to hide.
There's a history that lives it'll never die.

Never gonna go back again, I hope we never go back again.
Track Name: Merit
Please tell me where I'm supposed to feel
All knowing authority, tell me what is real

"Sympathetic, so pathetic,
a cry for peer appeal"

oh sympathy,
"It's not for me"

Tell me what merits my time
Cross-armed educator, tell me what is fine

And there's, not a cause you wouldn't fight
Judgmental, fundamental, what have you done that's "right"?

oh sympathy,
"It's not for me"

And you're all the same
Won't call out names
I own my shame

And I'll strive for change
I'll push and strain
You’ll spin the blame

and I'll push and strain
Track Name: Parade of Dogs
Chasing tails I'm losing time to
keeping track of blatant lies
it's true, I've given up on you.

It's a parade of dogs.
Track Name: Dresden
do you feel that I'm alive?
and if not when would have I died?
sometimes I feel at loss here, a life in shambles
let me go, I tend to ramble, but it goes on

and was I just another portrait on the mantle
a step for you to round out your perfect portfolio
I used to think that we all had good intentions, right
don't lay your faith in people, but it goes on
Track Name: Home
cracked church parking lots
and scraped softball knees
surrounded by agriculture
and wind-battered trees

when this is over will this still be home?
when I am gone, will this still be home?

Hills like fisherman knuckles
I'm standing on rocks as your wind picks my bones
am I getting old, or have I gotten cold
lately I can't tell which way is home
Track Name: March
I can't sleep lately, I think it's getting to me.
It's like I'm in the tenth grade all over again, I didn't have an answer for it back then.

Give Never Meant twenty more spins and maybe then, my mind will mend.
Track Name: Tidal Waves
Caught at it again
My days burn like cigarettes
It’s ambitious from the get go
I’ll break down before I let go

Life’s slow monotony has come to eat away at me
All this settling will soon decide where I’m buried

It’s been like this for too many days to count
I’ll say I’m coping, it’s hard to scale when I’ll fall out
Restless nights, I’ll put this on myself
I’ll say I’m coping, it’s hard to scale when I’ll fall out

Maybe when I’ve given up
I’ll learn just how to patch this up
I’ll lose a limb but gain a heart
It’s not ideal, but it’s a start

Cut us off from our home towns
If we stay we’re bound to drown
Old habits soar like Tidal Waves
They crash on me, I’m bound to cave